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Hey all, Emmett here! Put simply, I'm an artist who's passionate about what I do. I began doing digital art in high school and haven't been able to stop since! My career in the advertising agency world began before I finished attending college at Johnson & Wales University. My internship in multimedia design quickly turned into a full time position and from there my interest in all things digital media took off. Throughout my career I've hand my hands in various aspects of the marketing world. Whether I was working for multiple brands at once or focusing all my attention on one brand, I noticed one thing remained the same - clients were paying way too much for their digital assets. As I've branched out on my own as a digital content specialist providing video, photo, and editing services I've kept this realization in mind - with the goal always being to provide my clients with assets they love at an affordable price. Content your business needs to be relevant in the digital world shouldn't be out of your reach. Whether you're an influencer or brand, podcast host, or someone who rarely steps into this world - your content matters. So let's create something we can both be proud of. It all starts with hello. 



Every shoot, client, and project is unique in their own way. For this reason, I do not lay out my pricing on my site. Let's chat about your needs and I can give you a quote that's matched exactly to the scope of work you're looking to have completed. No hidden fees, no unnecessary add ons - just fair pricing.


In the digital world, having content that captures your viewers attention is essential, plus who doesn't want photos they can be proud of?


Half Hour Mini Sessions, Influencer Content Creation, Lifestyle Photography, Fashion, Weddings, Engagements, Events, Products & Branding


From social pieces to full on storytelling, let's bring your content to life. 

Animations, Short Social Snacks, Brand Stories, Influencer Content, Weddings




Your unique voice deserves to be heard and jumping into the world of podcasting has never been easier! I'll take care of the editing, so you focus on your story.


Full-length and Mini-sode Editing, Audio Mastery, Show Notes, Social Shareables

Contact Me

Providence, Rhode Island |  Tel: 717-698-7404

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You've done it! Talk Soon :)

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